Wensleydale Storage Solutions Create Space

A new resident at Crabtree Hall recently found that all their belongings wouldn’t fit in to their new office space.
So, as many were not required on a daily basis they spoke to Wensleydale Storage Solutions about offsite storage. On the day they arrived at Crabtree Hall some of their belongings were carried in to the new office, whilst other boxes went straight on to WSS’s van and were relocated to their storage facilities in rural Wensleydale. An inventory of the boxes was prepared so they knew which boxes had been sent for storage and when the client was safely ensconced in their new office they found they did need some of the boxes back so WSS delivered them back to the office the next day.

WSS also provided a confidential waste destruction service for some old paperwork they no longer needed. Our client was provided with sacks and security tags to fill with waste documentation which was then collected and destroyed at a secure unit.  The shredded paper was then sent to be recycled. WSS have also offered to manage the documentation in storage and highlight any documents which reach a destruction date, thereby controlling the amount of paper being stored.

Wensleydale Storage Solutions have recently completed the construction of an additional storage unit with the help of a Business Support Grant from Richmondshire District Council. This will allow them to extend their client base. WSS offer services to clients as diverse as private individuals and home workers to large multinationals. Offsite storage is a way of creating space in your work environment which doesn’t cost the earth, with the assurance that you can access your records when ever you want. For example, the contents of a 4 drawer filing cabinet can cost as little £1 per week to store offsite.

If you need to free up some space or securely destroy any documents please contact Hazel Oliver at hazel@wss-docs.co.uk or phone 01969 663179